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Shipping policy

We offer free ground shipping on all orders in the domestic US! We ship on the same day you place an order Monday through Friday. Orders received over the weekend will ship on Monday. Our free ground shipping is via USPS and should arrive between 5 to 7 days. Expedited shipping is also available.

Return policy

At Roberto Martinez we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee return policy. If you are not fully satisfied with our product, please return it within 30 days for a full refund or exchange. Please note that expedited shipping fees are not refundable. Items that have been worn and or damaged will not be credited.

To initiate your return please send us an email at and tell us the reason for your return. We'll email you a shipping label and issue you a credit upon receipt of your return. It’s that easy.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Signature Gold Plated Jewelry

Thank you for purchasing this finely crafted piece of gold plated jewelry.  Roberto Martinez plates all of its jewelry in the USA to ensure only the highest quality gold plating for all their gold-plated sterling silver or fashion jewelry collection.  We use the following process:

First, every part of this finely crafted piece of jewelry is electro cleaned by a running water rinse and mild acidic cleaner that is used to neutralize the metal.  The sterling silver or brass/bronze is then given a nickel plating for approximately 7-10 minutes that is followed by three more running water rinses.  This nickel plating makes the jewelry magnetic and could mistakenly appear not to be .925 Sterling Silver because of this; however, all our gold-plated jewelry is guaranteed to be .925 Sterling Silver, brass or bronze with 1.25 Microns (also known as 50 mils) of 24K gold.  Then, the metal is ready to be given a “bath” in 24 karat gold and is given enough time for the gold plating to adhere to the metal.  The amount of 24 karat gold used is equal to 1.25 microns (microns are the unit of measurement used for plating metals). Finally, a hot water rinse is given, and this is followed with a drying process. We plate in the USA to ensure the quality of the gold plating.  The results are a fine jewelry look at an affordable price.  We are committed to your satisfaction and will replace any of our gold plated items be it 30 days or 30 years- you’ll get new items from us if it fades or simply don’t live up to your expectations free of charge.  Items that have been abused or damaged are not eligible for replacement.  If you have any further questions regarding our process, please do not hesitate to contact us at (800) 25-RMINC (257-6462) or email us at